There's a buzz surrounding Functional Athletics and the services we offer. Here's what the media and our clients are saying.

Client Testimonials

  • “I have been training with Functional Athletics for nearly two years now, and without a doubt this has been the best money I’ve ever spent on myself. Previous to working with Mike, going to the gym was always something I did out of necessity, not because I enjoyed it. It seemed no matter how often I worked out, no matter how far I ran, I looked the same. I was still sore and tired at the end of a work day and going to the gym was still boring. I had tried multiple organized fitness groups and for various reasons found them uninspiring. I decided to give individual personal training a try and was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Mike.

    Mike has changed the way I look at working out. I am stronger, have more energy, and have amazed myself at what he has shown me I am capable of doing. Mike challenges me and encourages me to push myself, while being knowledgeable and recognizing my limits, so that I’ve never felt close to injury. For the first time in my life, I look forward to working out, and as grueling as it can be, I leave feeling accomplished every time. I am very appreciative of how much time and effort Mike puts into each session. He is personal, professional, and reliable. I would highly recommend him.”

  • “Sean has been working with me for a year. I am a busy lawyer in my late 60’s, who likes to win at tennis and ski full days in deep powder. I am hampered by old injuries but am determined to stay fit and active. Sean works with me twice a week and pushes me with an hour of strength, cardio and flexibility training. It has definitely improved my fitness and I see the results on the courts and slopes. I can now do 15 unaided strict pull-ups before failure and have significantly improved my leg and core strength. I highly recommend Sean and the Functional Athletics team.”

  • “I’ve been training with Functional Athletics for over a year, and just when I thought we’d worked out every single muscle to my name, something I never knew I had ends up being sore! I’m never bored. Working out with a professional trainer has given me the results I’ve never been able to achieve on my own, and our sessions are a seriously valued part of my workout routine. I see it as an investment in my health and confidence. I would recommend Functional Athletics to anyone and everyone.”

  • “I’m a young professional with a growing client base and a busy schedule. I regularly travel out of town. I’ve never paid a lot of attention to my fitness but now in my early 30’s decided to change my approach. Sean puts me though a couple of personal training sessions a week and I try to make at least one of the Functional Athletics CrossFit classes. Even though I struggle in the classes to keep up with the others I always finish the WOD’s and I find the other CrossFitters are very supportive, in fact they cheer me on. I’ve lost weight, gained strength and am healthier and happier in my personal life. I definitely feel the fitness investment has been worthwhile. I recommend Sean and his Functional Athletics colleagues.”

  • “I have been training with Mike for a month now. He is encouraging while providing challenging, yet achievable goals. With his experience and evident passion for fitness and weight training, Mike is a wealth of information and I am learning a lot. Mike’s approachable and personal demeanour makes for a productive and comfortable atmosphere.

    Variety throughout the sessions keeps it interesting and challenging. Mike pays great attention to detail and fine-tuning. Challenges are set individually to my abilities and progression. He is clear and concise with direction and makes it easy to understand. I feel comfortable with Mike and have noted his attention to safety: for example, he ensures proper back alignment prior to certain sets.

    I am enjoying and highly recommend the personal training sessions with Mike. Each session is challenging and the variety is refreshing. I am feeling challenged in a safe and comfortable environment. I am also learning a lot, and most importantly feeling stronger and healthier.”

  • “I am 60 years old and started training with Sean and Mike at Functional Athletics a year ago. I’ve gained 8 pounds of muscle, lost fat, and dropped from a 35- to a 33-inch waist. Improving cardio and strength—and feeling better about my fitness and health—is a great result. I’ve enjoyed the quality of Sean/Michael’s instruction and the camaraderie among the CrossFitters. I am sold on FA CrossFit. While old injuries have limited specific exercises such as muscle-ups, Sean and Michael have gradually guided me in a safe, technically correct way, so I’m getting closer. I enjoy the training and my ever-improving health and fitness. I encourage others to join the Functional Athletics forged-in-fitness community.”

  • “I ruptured a disc in my lower back a few years ago and have seen many specialists in an effort to get back to my former fitness level. Since I started training with Mike over a year ago, I have finally been able to regain a lot of the strength and flexibility that I had lost. He has a keen ability to pinpoint my weaknesses and turn those into strengths. He’s the type of trainer who will maximize your workout and push you past whereyou thought you could go, all while keeping a close eye on your form and technique so you don’t reinjure yourself. He’s the type of trainer who listens and adapts a workout to suit your body’s needs. He’s the type of trainer you want to swear at, but will later thank because you would never have worked so hard without him. He’s the best trainer I’ve worked with in over six years of rehab and conditioning. I owe him a lot.”