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What is FA Olympic Lifting?

In golf, petite female professionals can often out-drive large brawny males. Biomechanics, speed, and timing can give the trained female golfer an advantage. The same is true in Olympic lifting.

In our Olympic lifting program, we have pint-sized women in their 20s pumping iron beside +60-year-old Masters’ athletes, with the shared goal of improving their overall fitness. As with golf swings like the “drive” and “chip,” the “clean and jerk” and “snatch” (aka Olympic lifts) are highly technical movements. They are not the movements typically used by bodybuilders, rather our athletes use these competition lifts to aid their mobility, make themselves more powerful, increase their lean muscle mass, and tax their cardiovascular system. They require flexibility, speed, and power; proper technique significantly improves performance and safety.

Prerequisite: FA Foundations Training Course

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