Functional Athletics

Our Story


Once upon a time, we were typical brothers, separated by years, but sharing similar interests in family, athletics, and adventure, never dreaming we’d have a chance to build a business together. We played soccer into our twenties, competed in gymnastics, track and field, martial arts, and alpine skiing. Intensely competitive, but also best friends, we liked to stay fit and work out together. We agreed that the tedium of long periods on the treadmill and endless rotations through different weight machines was not appealing to us. There had to be a better way, and when we discovered CrossFit, we found what we were looking for.

With CrossFit, we learned that staying fit could be fun; and getting in great shape didn’t require as much gym time as we once thought. We used movement-based workouts that were quick, intense, and designed to improve athleticism. Fitness was competitive, social, and entertaining. Exercise became something we looked forward to, and we grew to be faster and stronger than we had been when competing in our respective youth sports. (Our story continues below…)

To share this experience with others, we created Functional Athletics Inc., our personal training and group fitness business. Our clients meet with a personal trainer to develop a customized goal-orientated fitness plan and participate in our uniquely designed fitness classes. We’ve blended functional-style workouts with the most effective piece of exercise equipment out there, the indoor rower, and added specialities like Olympic lifting for strength, and yoga for flexibility. Topping this mix is our conveniently located studio with 4000 square feet of well-equipped space. We have lots of “rig” for chin-ups, muscle-ups, chest-to-bars; space for squats, push-ups, rope jumps; weights for cleans and snatches; and of course, plenty of rowers. Great hands-on coaching, high-energy tunes, and spirited games create the most fun, interactive, and all-around awesome workouts in town.