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Daniel O Brien
Daniel O Brien
March 18, 2022.
Great place and welcoming of new comers! Went today and gave me a complimentary welcome session. Thanks guys
Erin Nutbeam
Erin Nutbeam
December 15, 2021.
Awesome staff and members. Make you feel welcome at any fitness level.
Gordon Hatusupy
Gordon Hatusupy
October 28, 2021.
We started personal training a couple of months ago with coach Sean. It has been a great experience! I’m a beginner in the gym and Sean keeps an eye on form and explains everything really well. It’s challenging but I can tell that I’m improving every week. Awesome gym and people that work there are super friendly!
Shannon Zambo
Shannon Zambo
October 20, 2021.
Fantastic gym! Great people and coaching.
Trevor Robson
Trevor Robson
September 29, 2021.
Solid gym with a good community of people. Mike is a phenomenal coach and has helped me tremendously with my olympic weightlifting technique. Would strongly recommend this gym to anyone getting into weightlifting, crossfit, or just looking to get more active.
Rose Thuringer
Rose Thuringer
July 6, 2021.
Of I could give this place a 10/5 stars I would. Since moving to Vancouver 2 years ago I've tried a bunch of gyms all over the city, but this is the BEST. 1) The training is incredible. Sean and Mike are very knowledgeable and pay great attention to everyone in class. Plus they push you hard! 2. The programming is diverse and always interesting. Between their Row class which is killer cardio, CrossFit which builds strength, and yoga which loosens you up, there is something for everyone. 3. By far my fave part is how friendly everyone is. During my first class I walked in and everyone said hello and introduced themselves. A super fun group of members who I would hang out with in and out of the gym. 💪

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