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Welcome to our diverse community of elite RX athletes, masters competitors, weekend warriors, urban professionals, moms, dads, kids, and grandparents. Functional Athletics is a family-focused lifestyle, health and fitness company, conveniently located in a 4000sq.ft. professional athletic studio in the popular Lower Lonsdale area of North Vancouver. Personal training and specialized classes in CrossFit, Indoor Rowing, Yoga, Olympic Lifting and CrossFit Kids are offered. We are known for our top level certified coaches, small class sizes and results. Programs are tailored to ability, whether you’re an elite athlete or a newbie. They serve as a fitness foundation for the many sports and activities our clients engage in: skiing, mountain biking, tennis, hiking, distance running, hockey, soccer, martial arts, etc. Our talented coaches will help members achieve:

  • Weight Loss
  • Flexibility
  • Agility


  • Strength
  • Injury Recovery
  • Power 


  • Endurance
  • Speed
  • Sports Performance 

Complimentary Childminding, Parking, Lockers, Showers, Water and Towel Service.

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FA CrossFit
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FA Row
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FA Yoga
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FA Personal Training
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Today's Schedule /

5:00 amFA CrossFit
6:00 amFA CrossFit
7:00 amFA CrossFit LT
8:00 amFA Personal Training & Open Gym
9:30 amFA CrossFit
10:30 amFA CrossFit & FA Mobility
11:30 amFA Row
12:30 pmFA CrossFit
1:30 pmFA Personal Training & FA Open Gym
2:00 pmFA Personal Training & FA Open Gym
3:00 pmFA Personal Training & FA Open Gym
3:40 pmFA CrossFit Kids
4:30 pmFA CrossFit
5:30 pmFA CrossFit & FA CrossFit Yoga
6:30 pmFA CrossFit & FA Mobility
7:30 pmFA Olympic Lifting

CrossFit WOD /

  • Clean and Shoulder to Overhead Complex: 25 Minutes
  • 6x 1 Power Clean + 2 Push Jerks + 1 Split Jerk
  • All sets to be done at 80% of 1RM Clean and Jerk
  • WOD: 9 Minute Clock
  • 120 Wall Balls
  • AMRAP Clean and Jerk 155/105 with remaining time

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